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Kikbuttpanda is my deviantart site. It's pretty cool stuffs. More art of LOGO and my gallery is there.

Slayers: Rewind -An amazingly put together fan comic of "Slayers". The author actually helped me put my site together.
Golden Crystals -A friend of mine from DeviantArt, she started this fantasy comic about a new world and has been doing great since.
Corner Alley 13
Earthbound2 -A great fan comic of Earthbound made into a great comedy also. The main character's a girl!
Misfile -A comedic comic about cars and other similarities. I love the layout of her site, and she's already selling her comic! Visit to buy it!
Shy -A very well put together medievalish comic with beautiful art and the story just flows.
Soccer is Full of Cheese -A very funny comic but with the most AMAZING ART I've ever seen in my life. You must look and love her art!
Supa02Chan -Online portfolio of Supa02Chan.
Earth Riser -This comic has an amazing story about a hero and his friends with different powers here to save the future. Very good.
Earthsong Saga -The top webcomic on the webcomic lists, Earthsong is already a book you can buy at stores now. Save your money and read this amazing book here!! (buying isn't a bad idea either!)
FlipsideComics -An interesting love story that will be sure to catch your attention.
Drunken Scribblings -A comedic comic with funny little characters that should by toys in stores, hahaha.
Victim-An AMAZING webcomic with live action every once and a while. You really must see this piece of work, done by my friend Aaron David Cole, who works at a Borders near you, haha.

Remember, I'm always open to link exchanges!! Just email me.

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